Computer quality control in apparel industry

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Nowadays many industries use computer science for quality control. Apparel industry also tries to develop proper quality control systems using information technology.

The apparel industry is characterized by lot of handwork, precisely defined production process and large series. So, basically every employee does a small part of the hole process. Quality deficiencies in textile industry are a major issue. Reducing them to an acceptable level is an optimal way for cost cutting and increasing the profit.  If some mistakes appear it is very important for the management to quickly identify the source of quality deficiencies.

Quality deficiencies in textile industry are a major issue. Reducing them is an optimal way for cost cutting and profit growing. We offer the tools how to control quality deficiencies in textile industry.

Solutions of computer quality control in apparel industry

Using the bar code reading system with previously printed bar codes for every operation managers in garment or footwear companies will be able to fast backtrack any mistake. One of major benefits will be that their employee will be pay much more attention to every operation knowing that every mistakes can be precisely identified.

An innovative IT firm, Kontrollis developed a production controlling system, which can easily identify those persons who make mistakes in the manufacturing process that lead to quality deficiencies. Every operation on every batch is linked to a well defined person who is in charge to do that production phase.

Having this information, managers of apparel manufactures can implement a strict quality control  and significantly reduce the costs related to quality deficiencies: less extra work and less material waste.

This system also offers the possibility to define the production process for every order, batch, model, and also to control the efficiency of workforce and to control the production costs.

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In order to improve productivity, manufactures need a vigorous production control. As new company develops managers are not able to simply observe all employee's efficiency. They need managerial and technical tools to measure, control their production and find ways to improve it.